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SAP FICO includes two sections, SAP Finance (FI) and SAP controlling (CO). For a performing financial process, both of them are significant. SAP FI works with overall financial accounting and reporting, SAP CO concentrates on planning and monitoring costs. SAP FICO is an essential functional element in SAP ERP. It permits an organization to preserve a detailed version of financial transaction data. Earlier, SAP FI and SAP CO were separate modules, but now they are referred to as simply one module.
The purpose of SAP FICO is to assist companies, generate financial statements. For reporting and analysis, there is a need for financial data. It helps in decision-making and effective business planning. SAP FICO also works with other SAP logistic modules, including (production planning (PP), sales and distribution (SD), Quality management(QM), Materials Management(MM), plant maintenance (PM).

Why should you learn SAP FICO?

Following are the reasons why you should learn SAP FICO.

Choose a career in demand- Today,MNC’s and other big companies prefer to hire certified SAP experts. There are limited SAP experts today. That is why SAP experts are very high in demand. SAP certification will provide you a decent job in this field.

Rising importance of SAP- SAP FICO assists in systematically organizing the financial management systems. The use of this software expands to almost every aspect of the business process. It enables efficient and easy accounting processes.

Reputation- SAP experts are always certified. If you are excited about making your career in this rising field, get the knowledge in the SAP field. That will improve your resume. Most demanding module at present- The SAP FICO module has several elements that satisfy different financial purposes. Accounts payables, Accounts receivables, General ledger accounting, Bank accounting, Travel management are all essential parts of SAP FICO. SAP FICO is incredibly flexible, user-friendly, and is a favorite of businesses in the world. Today, many enterprises are using SAP FICO. It is high in demand. You can complete the training with SAP FICO Classes In Pune and stay competitive in the IT market.

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Syllabus of SAP FICO

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1. Introduction to SAP R/3

  • Introduction to ERP, Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages
  • SAP Implementation methodology
  • Overview of different modules in SAP
  • Common SAP Terminologies
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 FICO

2. Financial Accounting Basic Setup

  • System Backbone - Enterprise Structure setup in SAP
  • Company code
  • Operating Concern
  • Controlling area
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Business Area
  • Functional Area
  • Credit controlling area

3. General Ledger Accounting

  • Deep dive - Chart of Account
  • Accounts Groups & Master-data significance
  • Driving Factors of Accounting postings in SAP:
  • Document type
  • Number ranges
  • Posting Keys
  • Fiscal year variant
  • Posting period variant
  • Field status variants
  • Exchange rates and Currencies
  • Reconciliation Accounts
  • Retained Earning Account
  • Accrual or Deferral Postings
  • Parked Document
  • Fast Data entry in GL
  • Concept of Open-item Clearing
  • Tolerance group
  • Define Financial Statement Version
  • Balance carry forward Balances
  • Forex Revaluation
  • Reports in SAP for GL Accounting
  • Substitution and Validation

4. Accounts Receivable

  • Introduction to Sub-ledger – Accounts receivable
  • Customer account groups and assignment of number ranges
  • Customer masterdata and significance
  • Customer Payment Terms and Discounts
  • Receiving Down Payment
  • Bills Receivable
  • Dunning
  • Detailed Explanation of Oder to Cash flow in SAP
  • FI-SD Integration
  • Billing Documents (FI Invoice, SD Invoice, Credit memos)
  • Customer Payment and clearing
  • Credit management in SD module (Master-data, transaction and reports)
  • Reports in SAP for AR

5. Accounts Payable

  • Introduction to Sub-ledger – Accounts payable
  • Vendor account groups and assignment of number ranges
  • Vendor master-data and significance
  • Vendor Payment Terms
  • Payment Method configuration
  • Configuration of Automatic Payment Program, Payment run, Payment Advise
  • Detailed Explanation of Procure to Pay flow in SAP variant
  • FI-MM Integration, Configuration of automatic posting
  • GR/IR clearing
  • Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
  • Down Payment Paid
  • Banking Setup
  • Bank Reconciliations Statements

6. Asset Accounting

  • Fixed Asset Life Cycle
  • Asset masterdata: Creation of asset master (change/display/block/unblock).
  • Define chart of depreciation, Depreciation Area
  • Define Automatic account determination
  • Defining Depreciation key
  • Define Asset Class
  • Acquisition or purchase of assets, sale of assets.
  • Scrapping of assets, Transfer or retirement of assets.
  • Asset under Construction and settlement to Final Asset
  • Depreciation run.

7. Taxation

  • Introduction to Tax procedure
  • Input Tax / Output Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Reports for Taxation purpose

8. Month Ending Activities

  • Important Standard SAP Reports
  • Closing in Difference Modules
  • Cross-tower dependent closing activities
  • Year end activities

SAP FICO Exams & Certification

MJ Tech Solution Certification has the credibility to enhance your knowledge and pave a road for a successful career in corporate as a Human Resource profession. We will not only provide you theoretical and practical sessions but also groom you to be effective in the ever changing role of HR professional.

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Key Features

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Corporate Training

For the practical understanding of SAP FICO, MJ Techno Solution provides Corporate SAP FICO Training in Pune to its students and employees. This training is helpful for employees. Our trainers are working professionals in top MNCs. So they know how things work in the real world. We teach all the related topics more quickly and practically with related examples. We assist our students in dreaming high and achieving it.

With efficient corporate training, it is easier for an employee to understand its roles and responsibilities. In this training, you will understand the business requirements of the organization, prepare a blueprint for executing the project, execute the project, assess the reports, and verify any changes in customizing. With this Corporate SAP FICO Course in Pune an employee can work without any confusion. It improves the efficiency of an employee and ultimately leads to smoothly achieving business targets.

Our Placement Process

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The syllabus of SAP FICO includes Introduction to ERP, general ledger accounting, financial accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset accounting, reports, CONTROLLING basic settings for controlling, Cost Center Accounting, CO Internal orders, profit center accounting, COPA Reporting, and integration. At the SAP FICO Classes In Pune, We have a variety of study materials. Our study material includes books, video lectures, PDFs, Sample questions, interview questions (HR and Technical), and projects. Our skilled trainers have received many prestigious awards for their knowledge of SAP FICO. At the SAP FICO Training Center In Pune, they will help you in major project training, minor project training, live project preparation, interview preparation, and job support. Our trainers can teach technical concepts more efficiently. MJ Tech Solution provides lab facilities and high-tech infrastructure. At SAP FICO Classes In Pune, We have efficient lab facilities. They are available 24/7. Our students can access the labs an unlimited number of times as per their timings. Facilities like smart classrooms with a Wi-fi connection, projector, live racks, digital pads are there for students. MJ Tech Solution delivers weekend, regular, customized SAP FICO Classes In Pune. The course is available within daytime and evening time. We also conduct fast-track training classes. Along with classroom training, online training and corporate training is also available for quality learning of students.

At the SAP FICO Course In Pune, trainers conduct personality development sessions with spoken English and group discussions. They also help in improving the presentation and creative skills of the students. After completing the SAP FICO Course you will get a certificate. Our certificate is globally recognized. We provide 100% job guarantee to our students, our placement team is in touch with hiring HRs in multinational companies. Trainers of the course will help you in interview preparation and resume building as per current industry standards. MJ Tech Solution provides practical and sufficient knowledge of SAP FICO with assured placement and reasonable fees so you can make a glorious career in this field. It is the best option for you.

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