SAP s4 Hana MM Course in Pune

Looking for MM in SAP S/4HANA 2022? Whether your focus is on materials planning, procurement, or inventory, this course will teach you to configure your critical processes in SAP S/4HANA. Start by creating your org. structure and defining business partners and material master data. Then get step-by-step instructions for defining the processes you need, from creating purchase orders and receiving goods to running MRP.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to S4HANA MM

  • Introduction to S4HANA MM Training
  • S4HANA Overview
  • Experienced Trainers and Lab Facility.
  • HANA Architecture and Deployment
  • S4HANA History Releases and Naming Conventions


  • Introduction to Fiori
  • FIori User Personalization
  • Fiori Search Options
  • Fiori App Library
  • Customize Catalogues Groups and Business Roles
  • Fiori Apps Troubleshooting
  • Embedded Analytics

Org Structure

  • Define MM Org Structure
  • Assign MM Org Structure

Material Master

  • Maintaining Material Master
  • Material Master Field Length Extension
  • MRP Fields Simplification
  • New Material type SERV
    • Material Type Customizing
    • Material Number Range
    • Field Selection Control

Business Partners

  • Introduction to Business Partners
  • Maintaining Business Partners
  • BP Relationships
  • BP tables
  • Customizing BP roles
  • Customer Vendor Integration

Info Record

  • Purchasing Info Record
  • PIR Customizing

Purchasing Documents

  • Purchase Requistion
  • Request for Quotation
  • Purchase Orders
  • Scheduling Agreement
  • Contracts
  • Mass changing Purchasing Documents
  • Document Release Procedure
  • Purchase Document Type Customizing

Special Procurement Types

  • Stock Transport Order
  • Subcontracting
  • Consignment
  • Pipeline Process

External Service Mgt.

  • Introduction to External Service Mgt
  • Service Master Record and Conditions
  • Service Order
  • Service Entry Sheet and Invoice Verification
  • Blanket Purchase Order

MRP Basics

  • Introduction to MRP in S/4 HANA
  • MRP Technical Changes

Running MRP

  • Classic MRP
  • MRP Live
  • Running MRP in SAP Fiori
  • Classic MRP vs MRP Live

Evaluating MRP Results in Fiori

  • Getting started with Fiori MRP apps.
  • Monitor Material Coverage
  • Monitor Internal Requirements
  • Monitor External Requirements
  • Monitor Production and Process Orders
  • Manage Change Request
  • Display MRP Material Issues

Improving MRP Live Performance

  • Analyzing MRP Live Performance Log
  • MRP Live SAP Notes and Study Materials

MRP Simplification

  • MRP Areas
  • Storage Location Planning Simplification
  • Simplified Sourcing

Demand Driven MRP

  • Understanding DDMRP
  • Introduction to DDMRP
  • Buffer Profile Maintenance
  • Configurational Apps
  • Operational Apps

Inventory Management

  • Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Customizing Inventory Management
  • Number Assignment Customizing
  • Movement Types Customizing

Goods Receipt

  • Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  • Good Receipt for Production Order
  • Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery
  • Goods Receipt without Reference
    • Goods Receipt without Reference

Goods Issue

  • Goods Issue to Production Order
  • Goods Issue to Outbound Delivery
  • Good Issue without Reference
  • Goods Issue Postings
  • Goods Issue Reversal

Stock Identification

  • Stock : Single Material
  • Stock : Multiple Materials
  • Stock Overview display MMBE

Stock Transfer

  • Stock Transfer : In Plant
  • Stock Transfer : Cross Plant
  • Post Goods Movement
  • Overdue Materials : Stock in Transit

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  • You will not only gain knowledge of SAP S4 HANA MM and advanced concepts, but also gain exposure to Industry best practices.
  • Experienced Trainers and Lab Facility.
  • SAP Certified Development Associate - S4 HANA MM certification Guidance Support with Exam Dumps.
  • Practical oriented / Job oriented Training. Practice on Real Time project scenarios.
  • We have designed an in-depth course so meet job requirements and criteria.
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