SAP SD Course Online Training in Pune

This is the world’s largest software program for the management of business and product operations. They have developed multiple suites of products to ensure that the entire business chain is handled by their programs. The SAP software can be utilized to manage everything from the supply chain in the industry to customer mapping in a marketing firm and to track salary reports for companies. The SAP SD is one such software developed by SAP corporations, which is used to manage the Sales and Distribution network in an organization. The software is a conglomerate of multiple functionalities that companies require for the entire supply chain management and handling of business processes.

SAP administrators or developers

As multiple companies move towards digitization of the business and technology-oriented structuring of their operations, SAP has become the dominant software provider for many large organizations. Large manufacturing and distribution conglomerates utilize SAP-based products to handle their entire output and economic accountability. This has resulted in an increased demand for professionals with SAP skills either for SD administration. According to the Global Hireability Index, the rising trend in global markets has increased the general vacancy for SAP SD certified employees to more than 115% since 2015 and this is consistently rising. This makes it a lucrative career option to engage and be a part of, the SAP administrators are amongst the top paid positions in a company’s supply chain. Thus it is imperative to learn SAP SD courses in Pune to get better career opportunities in the technology and administration sectors.

Why join the MJ Techno Solution SAP course in Pune?

MJ Techno Solution Institute is a leading provider of programming software and business administration training in Pune. We have more than 45 different courses ranging from Python, C++ Programming, administration software, personality development and language coaching. MJ Techno Solution has been active for more than 10 years in this field and our Pune center is among the oldest high-quality training institutes in the city. We have developed a personalized training methodology that covers all the important aspects in the SAP SD administration toolkit.

Our modules for SAP SD are designed to provide students with a valuable understanding of concepts like supply chain documentation, sales and billing receipts, production process management and employee records. We have top-rated professionals who have been working in big MNCs as trainers for our courses. Their industry-based experience is certainly a positive aspect of our course and will help students understand the relevant skills and knowledge that the companies demand. We also house a great training infrastructure at our centers in Pune.

Our training facilities are equipped with the latest technology and a large number of computers and provide individual access to the latest high-end configurations in both hardware and software terms. Our classrooms are AC ventilated and have large seating arrangements to ensure proper socially distanced accommodation. We have a vast amount of reading and learning material in the form of books, videos, animations and project files. These facilities surely enhance students' learning abilities at MJ Techno Solution's Pune center. So enquire for SAP SD Classes in Pune to Hone your SAP administration skills.

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Syllabus of SAP SD

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1. Introduction to SAP Environment

  • Sap Evolution & History
  • Sap Project Environment
  • Sap Ides System
  • Business Process
  • Sap Clients
  • System Landscape And Transportation System
  • Asap Methodology And Solution Manager
  • Logon To Sap System
  • R/3 Architecture

2. Enterprise Structure

  • Organizational Unit
  • Definition Of Organizational Elements
  • Assignment Of Organizational Elements
  • View Organization Structure

3. Master Data

  • Customer Master Data
  • Material Master Data
  • Onditions Master Data
  • Customer Material Info Record

4. Basic Function

  • Account Groups
  • Number Ranges
  • Partner Determination Procedure
  • General Settings (Integration With All)
  • Material Type And Industry Sector
  • Stock Updating (Integration Sd & Mm)
  • Stock Overview (Integration Sd & Mm)

5. Sales Document

  • Sales Document Overview
  • Sales Document Header Level
  • Sales Document Item Level
  • Sales Document Schedule Line Level
  • Item Category Determination
  • Schedule Line Determination
  • Defining And Assigning Number Ranges
  • Sales Document Types Assignment To Sales Area
  • Copy Control
  • Processing Sales Order
  • Sales Document Functions

6. Pricing

  • Pricing Overview
  • Working With Condition Records
  • Components Of Condition Techniques
  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Condition Type
  • Pricing Procedure
  • Pricing Procedure Determination
  • Upper And Lower Limits
  • Pricing Flow
  • Pricing Report
  • Condition Master Data
  • Shipping & Picking
  • Sales Document Overview
  • Shipping & Picking Overview
  • Overview Of Shipping
  • Organizational Units In Shipping
  • Defining Shipping Point And Determination
  • Defining Picking Point And Determination
  • Storage Location Determination

7. Billing

  • Functional Overview
  • Billing Document Type
  • Defining And Assigning Number Ranges
  • Integration SD & FI & CO
  • Rebates Process
  • Shipping & Picking
  • Storage Location Determination
  • Delivery Document Type
  • Scheduling (Backward And Forward)
  • Overview Of Route
  • PGI & PGR
  • Delivery Item Category Determination

8. Sales Process Detailed Configuration Pre Sales

  • Inquiry
  • Quotation

9. Order & Delivery

  • Standard Order
  • Delivery Document
  • Return order processing

10. Special Sales Documents

  • Cash Sales
  • Rush order
  • Consignment Fill up
  • Consignment Issue
  • Consignment Return
  • Consignment Pickup

11. Complaints

  • Credit Memo
  • Debit Memo
  • Returns
  • SDF ( Subsequent Delivery Free of Charges)
  • Free Delivery
  • Invoice Correction

12. Outline Agreements

  • Quantity Contracts
  • Material Relevant Value Contract
  • Value Contract General
  • Master Contract
  • Service Contract
  • Scheduling Agreement

13. Advanced Topics

  • Revenue Account Determination
  • Free Goods Determination
  • Bills Of Materials
  • Material Determination
  • Cross Selling
  • Listing & Exclusion
  • Item Proposal
  • Route Determination
  • Tax Determination (Us)
  • Information Systems
  • Text Determination
  • Output Determination
  • Credit Management

Advanced Topics

  • STO ( Stock Transfer Order)
  • Third Party Sales Process
  • Individual Purchase Order
  • Make to Order
  • Intercompany Sales Process
  • Batch Management
  • LSMW
  • BDC
  • FS ( Functional Specification)
  • WRICEF Guidance

14. Special Features

  • Projects Overview
  • Business process mapping and consulting skills
  • Project documentation and guidance overview
  • EDI & IDOC Overview
  • Interview preparation & guidance
  • Other module Integration Knowledge
  • Interview questions and guidance

SAP SD Exams & Certification

MJ Techno Solution Certification has the credibility to enhance your knowledge and pave a road for a successful career in corporate as a Human Resource profession. We will not only provide you theoretical and practical sessions but also groom you to be effective in the ever changing role of HR professional.

We provide an industry-relevant certification for our SAP SD Training in Pune. Our certification is accepted by many companies in India. Our certification process ensures that students receive the most up-to-date knowledge of SAP SD administration and garner professional skills in Sales and distribution networks. This has resulted in our certification being looked up positively on your Resume by hiring companies. Our SAP SD certification is provided to students after successful completion of the course. MJ Techno Solution's SAP SD certification in Pune will surely increase your understanding and skills and also will increase your hireability so do join the SAP SD course in Pune.

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Key Features

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Corporate Training

MJ Techno Solution, Pune is known for its job-based training platform. We have more than 50 trainers that provide industry-oriented corporate training locally and all over India. We successfully conduct a huge number of corporate SAP SD Training in Pune. We have tie-ups with many IT software companies and our clients have positive reviews about the corporate training programs at MJ Techno Solution. We have handpicked top certified trainers in the SAP SD domain. Their real-world experience in major SAP processes and their association with top companies for many years is a valuable addition to your employee's knowledge and organization's functioning. The corporate trainers provide personalized training to employees based on their qualifications and position in the organization. This ensures that MJ Techno Solution is able to cater to the diverse needs of our corporate clients.

Apart from the core corporate SAP SD Course in Pune we also host business training and personality development sessions for the employees and companies. We provide 45+ courses for our corporate clients working in diverse segments and have a very varied portfolio. If you're an organization looking for the best corporate SAP SD Classes in Pune, contact us at our regional numbers. We have batches of 20-200 for all the courses and we will provide you special discounts on our corporate SAP Training Institute in India. The certification for the corporate training program is provided by the client organization to the employees.

Our Placement Process

We have successfully provided placements for more than 1000 at top MNCs for our SAP SD courses across India. We provide guaranteed placements through our in-house placement scheme to all our students for all the courses. Apart from core SAP SD training, MJ Techno Solution also undertakes personality development and interview sessions with our students to increase their overall skills and prepare them for placement opportunities in the SAP workforce. So enroll yourself at MJ Techno Solution for SAP SD courses in Pune with job placement for the best career in major MNCs across India.

Online Classes

The current situation has made the world realize the importance of online education. Keeping the same in mind we have started providing online SAP SD training at SevenMentor. Our online SAP SD course in Pune is hugely developed from our versatile training methodology which is on par with our offline training course. Irrespective of being an online course, our training methodology still employs personalized methods and individual attention to students throughout the course period. Our courses utilize an advanced teaching system and an approach toward hands-on training. SevenMentor’s online SAP SD Training in Pune provides students with a complete pre-recorded module as well as options to attend live sessions. This combination technique provides students with the freedom to complete the modules at their own pace and also ensures students' involvement in the training process. Routine tests and projects help students to understand real-world applications of the SAP SD. Remote accessing of institutes resources is provided for students to ensure they get the optimum computing experience and valuable learning material. Our online batches have been active in Pune for a good amount of time and the feedback received from students has been very positive. Enroll in this learning process from the comfort of your home and get yourself a career choice that is full of opportunities.

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